November 16, 2010 (Tuesday)

[Featured Tournament] SGNDT 2010: Grand Finals





The SMM Grand National DotA Tournament 2010 arrives onto your gaming doorstep!


EVENT: SGNDT 2010: Grand Finals

GAME: WarCraft III: Defense of the Ancients (DotA)

WHEN: December 3rd, 4th, & 5th (3 days: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

WHERE: e@curve – LG: Concourse (Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia)

ENTRANCE FEES: FREE OF CHARGE: for participants & non-participants

SLOT REQUIREMENTS: Top 4 Qualifying Champions (each state) & Seeded Teams (*Terms & Conditions apply*)


                                              Grand Final Prizes

               Champion:                          RM 50,000 Cash + Trophy + sponsors product

               1st Runner Up:                  RM 21,000 Cash + Trophy + sponsors product

               2nd Runner Up:                 RM 14,000 Cash + Trophy + sponsors product

               3rd Runner Up:                  RM   9,000 Cash + sponsors product

               5th place:                              RM   3,000 Cash + sponsors product

               6th place:                              RM   2,000 Cash + sponsors product

               7th place:                              RM   1,500 Cash + sponsors product

               8th place:                              RM   1,000 Cash + sponsors product


The World Premier of DotA’s Finest Champions Marches On

The Sendi Mutiara Multimedia Grand National DotA Tournament 2010, dubbed as the World Premier competition for DotA elites across the globe rallies to the skies – bearing good news to you. Marking Sendi Mutiara Multimedia’s fifth successive year as a distinctive Grade-A Ranked Tournament hosted in Malaysia, we proudly bring to you a moment of countdown towards your greatest encounter ever pursued, to reveal and welcome the auspicious and grandest of all finals – the highly awaited opening date of the SGNDT 2010: Grand Finals.


The Final Judgment Transcends On Earth

Held in the judicious month of December, etching the divine numbers of 3(rd), 4(th), and 5(th) – the final hour now lies predestined within your grasp of reach as you crucially rally your team to close the inevitable gap of equilibrium between the forces of Good Vs. Evil whilst facing International Contenders ever ready to mount a single unstoppable challenge on the frontier plains. Making it even for exciting, all of these matches will be professionally shout-casted by our remarkable and charismatic duo, Toby "Tobi-Wan-Kenobi" Dawson  &  Kelly “KellyMILKIES” Ong  during your 3 days stint here at our SGNDT 2010’: Grand Finals.


A Lavish Anecdote for DotArians

From last year’s historical city of A’Famosa now transcends a trendier battleground as we welcome you to the infamous tourist destination e@Curve – the very heart of Damansara, Petaling Jaya filled with indoor & outdoor bazaar activities, shopping, dining, leisure and unlimited entertainment needs – surpassing only to your whims and fancies. Consumed by the very essence of this heavenly nirvana, you will feel at ease to surround thy self with a rejuvenated team spirit – as you gear up to battle formidable foes in heated combat.

The Heavens Bounty

The tip of the iceberg has now melted – forming an Atlantis of prosperity, power and the chance to engrave your namesake into the DotA halls of fame to herald a new beginning as the chosen Elder Gods. With over RM 145, 000 in total to be won, obtained and conquered – the SMM Grand National DotA Tournament 2010 now stands uncontested yet again, bestowed with profound generosity by our honorable President & CEO of Sendi Mutiara Multimedia, Dato’ Dr. Ricky M.G Lim – who seeks to crown the next predecessor for the mighty SMM throne, knowing full well that these chosen Templars will proudly uphold the undisputed colossal Challenge Hammer gallantly – no matter the cost!

A Hallmark for Titleholders, and more!

As the clock-counter ticks the impending days away till final judgment – unleashing a burning tide of predatory DotA warriors itching for a challenge at the most sought about tournament ever orchestrated on the threshold between the Sentinels and Scourges, we keep our eyes peeled across the reigning spectrum to expect nothing short of something fabulous in the making as over 60 local teams & International participants weave their legendary skills onto the fray of combat.


Registration For International Participants

International Participants interested in joining the SGNDT 2010’ Grand Finals at e@curve can now make registrations on our Official Website at by visiting our SGNDT Registration Page @ International Participants. Upon registration, all International Teams will be short-listed based on eligibility and approval prior to confirmation and/or participation. *Terms & Conditions apply*


DotA Rules & Regulations: Click HERE


SGNDT 2010: Grand Finals F.A.Q (Frequently-Asked-Questions)

01# Q: I do not know the way to e@curve.
A: The Map location to e@curve can be obtained from HERE.


02# Q: Will lodging, hotel bookings, and transportation be provided by SMM?
A: No. Participants will need to personally book their hotels & transportation on individual accounts.


03# Q: Are there any hotels nearby e@curve?
A: A recommended list for hotels based on closest proximity with the tournament venue is given as below. For other budget hotel options, it is recommended that you do a survey first of other hotels nearest to respected location based on your preferences before deciding.

i) The Royale Bintang Damansara Hotel is located directly adjacent to e@curve.
(Contact Number: 603-7843 1111 | Website:

ii) One World Hotel which is located just beside the One Utama Shopping Center and is about 5 kilometers from e@curve.
(Contact Number: 603-7681 1111 | Website:

iii) iHotel is located at The Strand, Kota Damansara, just within Cab distance to e@curve.
(Contact Number: 603-6142 8223 | Website:

04# Q: How do I qualify my team for the Grand Finals?
A: Only those that earned a place as the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th from each SGNDT 2010 state-qualifier or through automated seeding (including International Participants) can proceed into the Grand Finals.

05# Q: Can the public/non-participants watch this event and will there be any entrance fees?
A: The public is more than welcome to watch and support this event and is certainly encouraged to do so. There will be NO entrance fees or invitational charge at all. Just the good old back-to-back DotA fever & non-stop action for 3 days straight from 10am to 10pm. All DotA lovers, friends, and supporters are fully welcomed by SMM!

06# Q: Will international participants be present at SGNDT 2010’?
A: Yes. International Teams are to be shortlisted & seeded into the Grand Finals.


07# Q: What is the Official DotA Map Version for the Tournament?
A: The Official DotA Map Version for a tournament can be viewed in the DotA Rules & Regulations section. Please bear in mind that a future stable DotA Map Version will be used as see fit as the Official DotA Map for the tournament. Kindly take note that SMM reserves the rights to change the DotA Map Version without prior notice.


08# Q: How to I contact the in-charged person for inquires and/or further details for SGNDT 2010: Grand Finals?
A: You may dial our SMM Hotline at (+03) 21423022 or reach directly to our SGNDT 2010 in-charged person at 016-6327116 (MyGaming-Lim).






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