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[Rules & Regulations] FIFA Online 2




EA Sports™ FIFA Online 2 | Tournament Rules


1. Basic Rules and Procedures

1.    Players are to report 5 minutes earlier given their stipulated time.
2.    If players fail to report by the designated time, he/she will be disqualified.
3.    A coin toss will be conducted to see who will host the game.
4.    Players will be assigned teams which they must use for the tournament.
5.    Players are allowed to use in-game items as stated by the organizer, prior to the tournament proceedings.
6.    The winner of a match will proceed to the next round.
7.    Players who fail to win in the semi-finals will play a 3rd-place match to decide the 3rd place winner of the tournament if needed.
8.    All complaints shall be dealt with after the match has been completed. The Chief Marshal reserves all rights in decisions related to conflicts, concerns or any issue of interest.
9.    SMM may install third party program and/or join as an observer for tournament operations purposes, such as verification of match results, gathering of match data, or any other reason deemed important by SMM.


2. Games Settings

1.    Auto Player Selection must be set to 0.
2.    Each match will be played based on the following configuration:
o    Mode: Singles (1v1)
o    Per half: 5 min
o    Stadium: Generic Modern
o    Weather: Sunny


3. Disconnections

1.    Should a disconnection occur:
o    A marshal will confirm the exact score to that point, and restart the match.
o    A marshal will inform the players of the time remaining in the match.
(The match will carry on from where the match got dc-ed. E.g. dc at 30th min, the game will be restarted, and will end the match at the 60th min.)
o    Any players sent off the field (red card) shall count as a goal each for the opponent when the match resumes.
o    If a game gets disconnected within the first 10 minutes of gameplay, regardless of the score-line, the match will be restarted.
o    In a case of a draw game for the second leg (even with away goals rule) after a disconnection, players will carry on with the game, followed by extra time until a winner is decided.
2.    Intentional disconnection:
Upon judgment by the Marshall, any offending player will be charged with a loss and possible disqualification from the tournament.


4. Gameplay

1.    Players must kick-off with backward pass at the beginning of each half and after every goal is scored.
2.    Players are not allowed to throw-in into opponent's penalty box.
3.    Corner Kicks are NOT allowed to be crossed directly into the 6 yard box.
Any goals in result to this will be not counted for.
*However, players may choose to short pass and cross in, even if the ball crosses the 6 yard box and results in a goal, it is counted.*
4.    Players are not allowed to score a goal from a computer taken free kick.
5.    Time-play is forbidden. If a player is found to be intentionally delaying the game time by passing the ball around and clearly not attempting to score, he may be given a warning or lose by default at the referee's discretion. Applies to occurences within own half or at opponent's half.
6.    Bringing a ball to your opponent's corner flag area and holding the ball there without attacking is also considered as time-playing.
7.    Players can only pause the game during a dead ball situation, for example a throw in or a free kick. Following which, the players will have to kick the ball out so as to let their opponents change formation, or tactics. Opponents who received the ball in such a situation may choose to carry on play, or change tactics and return the ball back to the original player.
8.    No High Long Balls from own half.
(Q+A, A, D, Q+D, Q+W) all not allowed. Any goals resulting from an attack initiated by a high long ball from own half will not be counted for.
Whenever such a long ball is made, the next move should not be an attacking move.
It means either you have to dribble towards your own half, or do a back pass. Any forward movement/attacking move after such a long ball will result yourself in getting a warning from the Marshalls. Marshalls will have the right to give warnings to players if they think they are exploiting this rule even if they do a back pass before shooting.
9.    Players will be given a warning for each intentional own goal he scored in a match.
10.    Players must make sure that there are no clashes of Jersey colors before the match starts.

11.    No Long Shots 4 lines from the penalty box.
Any goals resulting from a long shot beyond the 4th line from opponent's penalty box (as shown in the pic below), be it a deflection,
or a deflection to your other player and he scores, will not be counted as a legal goal and player will be given a warning.

12. Set Pieces:
o    Free kicks/Goal Kicks from own half to opponent’s half.
As long as it is a dead ball situation (Look at the below SS for more info). Players are allowed to collect the ball and score (indirectly). No need for back pass. However for the free kick, players are not allowed to shoot directly into goal. *Any goals scored from own half is not allowed*
o    Free kicks from more than 4 lines from your opponents penalty box. (look at SS below)
Players are allowed to shoot from free kicks (dead ball) situations directly to score a goal even if his position is further than 4 lines from the opponent’s penalty box.
o    However, if the player chooses to do a short pass to his player and shoot, goals with results to this will not be counted if the shot is further than 4 lines from the penalty box.

13. Three consecutive warnings by the Marshalls in a match will result in auto disqualification from the competition/tournament.

5. Penalties for Unfair Play

1.    Unfair play is defined by the following:
o    Use of any cheat program.
o    Intentional disconnection.
o    Use of any settings exceeding standard and permitted settings.
o    Rowdy behavior
o    Any manipulation, maneuver or tactic designed to disrupt the intended mechanics of competition present in the client.
2.    If the Marshall decides that a player is deemed to be presented with an unfair advantage, due to intentional external conditions such as spectator assistance, the player may be given a warning or loss by default at the Marshall's sole discretion.
3.    Upon discovery of any player committing a violation regarded as unfair play, that player may be disqualified from the tournament.
4.    During the course of any match, the operations staff and/or Marshall may determine other actions to embody unfair play at any time.
5.    Players are not allowed to argue with ANY decisions made by the Marshall. Marshalls have the right to immediately DISQUALIFY any player who does so.



Terms & Conditions

By participating in this tournament, participants fully and unconditionally agree to accept and to be bound by the aforesaid terms and conditions of the tournament and the decision of SMM, which is final. SMM reserves the rights to amend, change or rectify the following rules & regulations without prior notice.

Dengan menyertai pertandingan ini , peserta bersetuju sepenuhnya dan tanpa syarat untuk menerima dan terikat dengan terma dan syarat pertandingan yang dinyatakan tadi, dan keputusan SMM adalah muktamad. SMM berhak untuk mengubah, menukar, atau memperbaiki terma dan syarat tanpa memberi notis terlebih dahulu.



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