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[Featured Tournament] SGNDT 2010: State-Qualifiers Announcement





SMM Grand National DotA Tournament 2010 | State-Qualifiers Announcement!



The Sendi Mutiara Multimedia Grand National DotA Tournament 2010, dubbed as the World Premier for DotA elites is back yet again on its fifth successive year with even BIGGER & BETTER CASH PRIZES to be won – amounting to over RM 145, 000 in total! The massive talent search for the best DotA teams in Malaysia begins NOW as Sendi Mutiara Multimedia scouts the region’s finest elites into a duel that will consecutively run through 8 national states across the country. Train with all your might and victoriously push your way to the top by emerging as the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place from each state-qualifiers to seed your team through to the Grand Finals – where a massive cash purse of over RM 80, 000 & international contenders from all around the world awaits your challenge!


Game: Warcraft III: Defense of the Ancients (DotA)

DotA Rules & Regulations: Click HERE

Venue: Malaysia

Date: 2010 (Click HERE for Map Location)

  • N. Sembilan May 8th – 9th Alibaba Cyber Cafe

  • Pahang May 15th - 16th Wildfire Cyber Cafe

  • Sabah June 19th – 20th Powernet Cyber Cafe

  • Perak June 26th - 27th Magic Planet Cyber Cafe

  • Penang July 10th – 11th FTZ Cyber Cafe

  • Kuala Lumpur July 24th – 25th CyberTime Cyber Cafe

  • Johor September 18th – 19th KS Cyber Cafe

  • Selangor October 9th – 10th FTZ Cyber Cafe

  • Grand Final NOVEMBER To Be Confirmed*


Registration: RM 120 per-team (Sign-Up NOW)

Requirements: ANYBODY who is a fan of DotA

· IMPORTANT NOTICE* Teams selected from the Top-Tier List will gain AUTOMATIC QUALIFICATION into the Grand Finals and will successfully SKIP the QUALIFYING PHASE. Details on the Tier-List can be obtained below.



Qualifiers Prizes

Champion: RM2000 Cash + Medal

(Qualified to National Grand Final)

1st Runner Up: RM1000 Cash + Medal

(Qualified to National Grand Final)

2nd Runner Up: RM600 Cash + Medal

(Qualified to National Grand Final)

4th Place: RM 300 Cash

(Qualified to National Grand Final)


Grand Final Prizes

Champion: RM 50,000 Cash + Trophy + sponsors product

1st Runner Up: RM 21,000 Cash + Trophy + sponsors product

2nd Runner Up: RM 14,000 Cash + Trophy + sponsors product

4th Place: RM   9,000 Cash + sponsors product

5th Place: RM   3,000 Cash + sponsors product

6th Place: RM   2,000 Cash + sponsors product

7th Place: RM   1,500 Cash + sponsors product

8th Place: RM   1,000 Cash + sponsors product

How do I apply to join the SGNDT?

Registration for SGNDT 2010 starts NOW! The process is simple and can be completed online. Below are the following steps:

1) Head over to

2) Click “Register my team”

3) Fill in your complete team and member details.

4) A confirmation email will be sent to your mail-box within 3 working days. Included will be tournament details, venue address, time, and number to contact. 

5) Bring along ALL x5 Identification Cards (+Substitutes) on the tournament day itself for team verification purposes. 

6) A payment of RM 120 is to be made directly on the day of the event. Kindly refer to the state scheduling date for the exact day.

7) *WARNING* Please bear in mind that a penalty for miss-participations will be given out to teams that have REGISTERED ONLINE but are NOT PRESENT on the tournament day itself. These Teams will be included into the SGNDT BANLIST and BARRED from any SMM Future DotA Tournaments until prior notice.

Registration for International Participants:

International Teams (Europe, U.S, and Asia) who are interested in joining SGNDT 2010 can follow the above registration method to apply. International Teams that apply will be shortlisted and seeded through into the Grand Finals. No registration fees will be required. Terms & Conditions apply.


Registration/Participation for Top-Tier Teams:

*IMPORTANT NOTICE* Based on impressive results, ALL Top Seeded Teams listed below DO NOT NEED to register/participate in the STATE QUALIFIERS and will gain AUTOMATIC QUALIFICATION into the Grand Finals. Below are the TOP-TIER LIST of Teams successfully seeded through into the SGNDT 2010: Grand Finals :-

1) Nirvana.My

2) KingSurf



5) Aeon

6) Axis

7) XTC

What is SGNDT?

The Sendi Mutiara Multimedia Grand National DotA Tournament is an annual DotA tournament hosted by Sendi Mutiara Multimedia SDN BHD, the official licensing holder of Blizzard products in Malaysia. SGNDT aims to create a prestigious e-Sports hub for Defense of the Ancients (DotA): a custom map from Warcraft III with local and international participants. In 2008, SGNDT 08 booked a placed in The Malaysia Book of Records on two accounts, the first being the "Highest Prize Money in a PC Gaming Tournament" of over RM 120,000, and the second being "Most International Participants in a Single Gaming Event" (60 gamers from 7 countries: Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia, China, and Russia). Last year, SGNDT 09’ prove to be even more mind-blowing as fans witness the likes of Denmark, Ukraine, Australia, Canada, China, The Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Kazakhstan and Singapore participate in the event. As promised by SMM's CEO & President - Dato' Dr. Ricky M.G Lim, with SGNDT being such a huge hit internationally and locally - the gaming community is bound to see an even larger international team count present, superb cash prize up for grabs, and excellent atmospheric crowd appeal at the SMM World Premier DotA Tournament for the year 2010 – The Sendi Mutiara Multimedia Grand National DotA Tournament 2010!


SGNDT 2010 F.A.Q (Frequently-Asked-Questions)

01# Q: When can I start registering my team?

A:  Registration for SGNDT 2010 starts NOW and can be completed online at

02# Q: I do not know the way to go to the Cyber Cafe’s designated location!

A: Complete details of SGNDT 2010’ Venue address & map locations can be obtained at our Official Lowyat Forum Thread & at

03# Q: What are the payment methods for registration?

A: Cash payment of RM 120 per-team is to be made on the event day itself.

04# Q: How do I qualify my team for the Grand Finals?

A:   Only those that earned a place in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th from each state-qualifier can proceed to the Grand Final.

05# Q: How do I validate if my Team has qualified into the Top-Tier List for automatic qualification into the Grand Finals?

A: The finalized and confirmed Top-Tier List can be referred to above for Team verification and eligibility. Teams from that list are not allowed to participate in any State Qualifiers as they have already automatically qualified into the Grand Finals.

06# Q: Will international participants be present at SGNDT 2010’?

A: Yes. International Teams are to be shortlisted & seeded into the Grand Finals.

07# Q: Where will the Grand Final Venue be held?

A: The SGNDT 2010: Grand Final venue & location will be confirmed shortly. Stay Tune.


08# Q: What is the Official DotA Map Version for each Tournament?

A: The Official DotA Map Version for a tournament can be viewed in the DotA Rules & Regulations section. Please bare in mind that a future stabil DotA Map Version will be used as see fit as the Official DotA Map for a tournament. Kindly take note that SMM reserves the rights to change the DotA Map Version without prior notice.


09# Q: How to I contact the in-charged person for inquires and/or further details for SGNDT 2010?

A: You may dial our SMM Hotline at (+03) 21423022 or reach directly to our SGNDT 2010 in-charged person at 016-6327116 (Faye Lim) or 012-5518522 (Umi).


So REGISTER your TEAM NOW at WWW.SMM.NET.MY and be the team to beat in the lucrative GRAND FINALS to make the strongest of opponents feel the earth rumble down upon their feet for TITANS WILL CLASH in the aftermath of DotA’s heavenly wrath at SGNDT 2010!






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