November 27, 2009 (Friday)

[Tourney Overview] SMM DotA Grand Finals 2009




The SMM DotA Grand Finals 2009 concludes with fiery flare!


27th–29th November 2009 – The most highly anticipated DotA countdown of the century – the SMM Grand National DotA Tournament 2009 has finally reached a momentous conclusion as DotA maestros shed their wrath onto the impending battleground of A’Famosa Resort’s Cowboy Town on the 27th till 29th of November bringing to light a magnificent display of virtuoso combat between East & West. With a spectator sport of even bigger magnitude accompanying higher record-breaking cash prizes of over RM 135, 000, the highest yet – all eyes were fixated on Malaysia as over 38 local and 18 International Teams made their way from Denmark, Australia, Canada, China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore – marking their competitive presence at the Grand DotA World Premier for all to witness in pure admiration.


The Match-day for Day 1 kicked-off a notch shortly after noontime to signify the beginning of a very exciting set of matches packing high anticipation and euphoric passion for all to witness worldwide via Gamestah’s live professional commentary and Garena’s streaming platform – which was immeasurably clocked to server-crash due to the staggering rate of users piling up to witness this grand event online.


Teams flocked over to SMM’s registration counter by abundance – happily bringing along a door gift packed with post-apocalypse figurines from Hellgate London with courtesy of IAHgames.


Apart from a momentary (and pretty fun) black-out caused by Balanar’s eagerness to make his presence felt, Day 1 certainly packed enough zeal to transmit this heavily anticipated showdown between the DotA elites throughout the tournament.


Day 2 bundled an enormous wave of DotA match-ups day in day out – as our dedicated Marshalls strive to channel the escalating echelon of immense potentiality into a sublime battlefield where only the survival of the fittest shall remain in the hot seat – only to the much desired irony exuding from the PMS and XtC babes that were making heads turn a full 360 degrees.


With a massive tug & pull between the East & West, it looked almost certain that the superior teams would emerge as victors for the night – however, it was indeed the random turn of events that lead to a successive conclusion of virtuoso teams feeling threaten to extinction by the China powerhouses present.


Even the high-flying Meet.Your.Makers (MYM) Team from Denmark succumbed to consecutive defeats soon after being humbled by both INC’Excello and on their home turf.


The Final Match-Day was a euphoric scene to behold as reigning forces from Asia pushed their way to the top of the summit – heaving a huge sight of fortitude and prowess to secure the hotspot of being crowned champions at the greatest DotA tournament to date – a clear requisite for proving their worth at the hallmark of champions.


The top-quality action experienced from all 3 remaining days has inevitably left a challenge mark onto their heroically acclaimed status – as they fully unleash their electrifying talent by deploying their unrestrained gaming vessels onto the highly awaited final battleground at the Grand Stage – further triggering the impending wrath and divine intervention of virtuoso international teams wishing to fearlessly challenge the home-soil warriors in this epic battlefield preset by Sendi Mutiara Multimedia.

With the final outcome ushering closer to a complete round of applause, all providence was soon unfolded at the closing ceremony as the 8th Spot went to Team AEON.SG from Singapore, winning RM 1, 100 cash plus sponsorship products towards their path to glory.


Notching 7th Place with RM 1, 300 cash intact plus sponsorship products was Team StarsBoba – hailing all the way from Vietnam and proving to their other Asian neighbors that they are indeed a forced to be reckoned with.


Settling for 6th Spot was Team CityHunter from China – receiving RM 1, 500 cash plus sponsorship products and joining their other China brotherly compatriots in the top 8.


The crowd favorites – Team Kingsurf from Malaysia emerged at 5th Place, bringing with them RM 2, 000 cash plus sponsorship products back to their Johor homeland.


Displaying a strong finish and representing Malaysia at the highest of hierarchy as the 4th Place contender was Team INC’Excello from SS2, Petaling Jaya – bagging RM 8, 000 cash plus sponsorship products in their mark of accomplishment.


Clinching the 2nd Runner-Up Spot and letting go of their defending title was Team EHOME from CHINA – slotting home RM 13, 000 cash, trophy, plus sponsorship products in return.


1st Runner-Up went to Team Commedieu, also from China – receiving a lucrative RM 20, 000 cash that is to be multiplied by twice the amount once converted to the $Yuan dollar, along with trophies and sponsorship products.


Finally, fighting the odds of defeat and subsequently debunking their ex-sponsors SGTY from pulling out at the very last minute by emerging as current Champions for the SMM Grand National DotA Tournament 2009 was Team For.The.Dream from China – bagging the grand total of RM 42, 000 cash, trophy, plus sponsorship products and listing themselves as current title holders for the Challenge Trophy of Year 2009. As the curtain unfolds into a staggering finish, so were the conclusive outcome of this year’s mammoth tournament as many top seeded teams were left relishing their performance and contingency as they crave to train even harder for next year’s challenge.


All ears will be highly attuned to the prize money for the SMM Grand National DotA Tournament 2010 as Dato’ Dr. Ricky M.G Lim, CEO, Co Founder & President of Sendi Mutiara Multimedia keenly announced the cash purse of the 1st Spot for next year to be in the region of RM 50, 000 – the highest ever to date! The DotA gaming world shall once more tremble by a tenth fold as we look forward to witness new breeds of DotA Champions emerge from the rubble.


As the momentum builds into a sea of dexterous displays, we shift gears with soaring anticipation to witness the torrential presence and massive overkill left from all the amazing replays gathered from Day 1, Day 2 & Day 3:-






SEE YOU IN 2010!




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