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[Rules & Regulations] WarCraft III: DotA




WarCraft III: DotA Tournament | Rules & Regulations


Game: Warcraft® III: Reign of Chaos®, The Frozen Throne®

Game Version: v6.80c or Latest Stable Tournament Version

Competition Method: 5 vs 5

Game Mode: Captain Mode

Tournament Structure: Single Elimination
Match Winner:
The team that completely destroys the opponent’s Ancient or if the opponent Team surrenders


The match will begin with a coin toss and winner of the coin toss will get to choose:

(a) Sentinel/Scourge side of the map or
(b) Draft order (1st/2nd pick)

The side that losses in the coin toss can choose the latter


Two substitution players are allowed for each team. The substitute players are not allowed to play for other teams before/after in the course of the tournament.


Game Play

i.Sharing of item is allowed as long as the game permits
ii.Gamers not allow to suicide to pass Rapier intentionally
iii.Sharing control is allowed


Item Limitation:
i.There is no item limitation or restriction whatsoever


Backdoor is ALLOWED.


Hero Limitation:
i.There is no hero limitation or restriction whatsoever


Winning Condition:
i.Completely destroy the tree or the throne of the opponents’ team
ii.Should any team choose to concede/surrender in the midst of the game, an auto win will be awarded to the other respective team
iii.Should any accumulated 3 warnings in the course of the tournament, an auto win will be awarded to the other respective team
iv.Should any unexpected of the game happens, the winner decision will be made by the head marshals of the tournament

General Rules

Setup and Configuration:
I.Teams will be given 5 minutes to warm up before the match starts
II.No non-standard game settings or third party applications that affect game play may be used
III.Teams being caught using either will be punished at the game marshal’s discretion
IV.Replays of each match will be required by every team. In the event of a dispute, the tournament marshal may need to review a particular match replay
V.The result will be finalized if there no disputes 10 minutes after the game has ended
VI.Participants of the tournament should be well-aware of the scheduled time slot of the tournament as teams can claim a default win for the match if the opposing team doesn’t show up for the match 15 minutes after the scheduled time


Personal Equipment:
I.Players are encouraged to bring their own gaming equipment but will be required to provide the drivers on a thumb drive for installation if needed
II. The organizer will not be held responsible for any fault / damage arising to the installation
III.The organizer will not be responsible to provide full equipment to the participants

Disconnections & Save Game Process:
i.Competing teams are advised to save their games as frequently depending on the necessity as the game progresses
ii.Competing teams are advised to save after first blood or after any major battle in the progress of the game under the agreement of both competing teams
iii.Competing teams must bear all responsibility in saving the game throughout the tournament
iv.The game marshal/ organizer will not be responsible should any participating teams fails to obtain a save file should a PC error or crash occurs
v.In the event of any disconnection or technicality errors for the first 10 minutes of the game.
The match will be restarted with MUST pick the same heroes & proceed to same starting lane with default items as before disconnection occurred. On initial creep contact, players may choose to switch lanes.
vi.In the event of any disconnection after 10 minutes of game play. The match will be reloaded from the saved game file. If there is any technical issues happen in the match, decisions could be varied depending on game time.

10 to 20 mins of gameplay:
The side with an advantage of 15 kills and above will be given the options of:
1.Taking default win
2.Continue with the game without the disconnected hero
In the event of no advantage occurs in both teams, the match will be restarted with different hero lineups

20 to 30 mins of gameplay:
The side with an advantage of 20 kills and above will be given the options of:
1.Taking default win
2.Continue with the game without the disconnected hero

vii.In the event a save file is lost after 20 minutes of game play. The game marshal holds all power pass verdict on who is the winner of the match depending on :
a)Each hero = 1 kill count
b)Level 1 Tower = 2 kill count
c)Level 2 Tower = 3 kill count
d)Level 3 Tower = 4 kill count
e)Level 4 Tower = 5 kill count
f)Aegis = 1 kill count
g)Barracks = 5 kill count
viii.Respective teammates are NOT ALLOWED to use disconnected heroes and teams will not be allowed to transfer its items to other players. The items left by disconnected hero may not be sold.

Sportsmanship Conduct & Bugs Exploitation:
i.Gamers must report to the respective game zone 10 minutes before the match. Participants who are late for more than 10 minutes will be disqualified. No dispute or whatsoever will be entertained
ii.Abusive behavior towards the organizer/game marshal/ opponent team will result in a warning. No foul language and abusive/racial behavior will be tolerated in the course of the tournament
iii.An individual is only allowed to play for 1 team ONLY throughout the course of the tournament
iv.Bugs Exploitation:
No Exploitation of any known old or new bug discovered during play. Explanations like "exploiting/activating the bug unknowingly", "we had no idea this bug existed" or similar excuses will not be entertained. Participants are required to update themselves with the latest competing tournament rules

The following rules are subject to modification in the following aspects:-
I.Use of most recent patch/version release of each official game
II.Changes to in-game settings and options necessitated by the use of most recent patch version/release
III.Cheat Protection Program release and/or cheat protection functions
IV.Game settings and/or operations guidelines dictated by differences between online and LAN Tournaments
V.Teams are responsible to check the rules on a regular basis and prior to every match to ensure they are in complete compliance. Teams must understand that rules listed are guidelines to ensure fair and competitive play and are subject to interpretation by the marshals based on the spirit of the game



Terms & Conditions

By participating in this tournament, participants fully and unconditionally agree to accept and to be bound by the aforesaid terms and conditions of the tournament and the decision of SMM, which is final. SMM reserves the rights to amend, change or rectify the following rules & regulations without prior notice.

Dengan menyertai pertandingan ini , peserta bersetuju sepenuhnya dan tanpa syarat untuk menerima dan terikat dengan terma dan syarat pertandingan yang dinyatakan tadi, dan keputusan SMM adalah muktamad. SMM berhak untuk mengubah, menukar, atau memperbaiki terma dan syarat tanpa memberi notis terlebih dahulu.



Contact us

For more information on the Rules & Regulations, kindly contact our Head Marshal-DotA Tournament Division at: Johnny Lim Yoong Hong ( MYG Lim ) HP. No : 016-6327116.


We Thank You For Your Understanding!




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