July 27, 2013 (Saturday)

[Tourney Overview] SMM National DotA Championship 2013: State Qualifiers – Tawau, Sabah.




The  National DotA Championship flies to Tawau, Sabah to recruit talented Sabahans – forging their gallant destiny towards the Grand Finals!



27th-28th July 2013, TAWAU, SABAH – The march upon Sabah was one of welcoming order, as the 10th SMM National DotA Championship 2013: State Qualifiers took to the land below the wind in great expectancy. Situated at Kubota Square, the locale for contest teemed with vibrancy as fellow Sabahans gathered in droves at the gates of Fate Cyber Cafe to clutch the vital slot that will propel them into the highly acclaimed SMM Malaysia DotA Grand Finals 2013. Many claimed that the generous surplus of RM 50 per team registration was one of great value as they proudly procured their specially designed limited edition DotA T-shirts given exclusively as entry gift by Sendi Mutiara Multimedia. With an astounding surge of cash incentives to follow – none will be as protruding as the hefty RM 45, 000.00 cash total garnered from all 18 state-qualifiers around the country. The SMM National DotA Championship 2013 stands with great mandate, as we usher the No.1 LAN game in Malaysia into a new millennium, never putting a halt towards our sincere stride in rewarding the gaming community with bountiful cash and eSports experience on a nationwide scale. The stage was set for a finale of grand spectacle as local favourites and host – Team “FCC” faced off against Team “INFINITY” who in return persevered stoically to reach the impending finals here at Fate Cyber Cafe. Leading Team “INFINITY” into suave battle was “INFIXCHRIS5016” who drafted the match for his team while “FCC.BEE.KIM.KX” took helm for Team “FCC” who immediately banned Rizzrak, the Goblin Shredder. Responding in rebuttal was key hero bans by Team “INFINITY” which included Rubick the Grand Magus, Mirana Nightshade the Priestess of the Moon, and Nessaj the Chaos Knight. Despite the necessity to ban the frenzied knight and his horde, seeping through the drafts were formidable heroes who would give a run for one’s money. Standing on the side of the Sentinels for Team “FCC” stood the “Earthshaker, Lifestealer, Windrunner, Twin Head Dragon, and Obsidian Destroyer” while Team “INFINITY” represented by full Scourge heroes took arms to the likes of “Magnataur, Sand King, Ancient Apparition, Spectre, and Slithereen Guard”. Lurking amidst the frozen tundra of his icy steps, a very antediluvian entity known only as Kaldr, the Ancient Apparition played by “INFI.SHOWME” conjured first blood in the early minutes of the game as Raigor Stonehoof, the Earthshaker played by “FCC.SUMMER” succumbed to the chilling frost. Pouncing on the counter at bottom lane for a fresh kill was N’aix, the Lifestealer played by “FCC-FUSION” – gnawing apart Sladar, the Slithereen Guard played by “INFI.MASTERLODA” who was left unguarded with his tail behind the back. As mid-game approaches, Harbinger, the Obsidian Destroyer played by “FCC.BEE.KIM.KX” maintained a healthy creep score of 74/48 as he revelled in being the highest levelled hero on the map at level 9. None shall stand to further ignore this harbinger of death however, as the animated obelisk statuette raked a triple kill in the lush forest encircling the southern province. Many bold attempts were taken by the great Magnus, the Magnataur played by “INFI.HELENA” to upheaval the tides of battle that was favouring the Sentinals, however – all proved futile as N’aix, the Lifestealer played by a smiling “FCC.SUMMER” rummaged his way through the battle-field with unholy strength, wielding with fervour an Armlet of Mordiggian and Hyperstone in the 7/0/4 end-game tally. With Tawau, Sabah signed, sealed, and delivered, the SMM National DotA Championship 2013 travels to Kuala Terengganu as we perch atop Dino Multimedia – come the 2nd of August 2013.


The path to ascension was forged under the vigilant eyes of Fate Cyber Cafe as the Tawau, Sabah qualifiers arched forward into battle.


The battle-ground locale was jammed-pack to the brim as Sabahans rallied to answer their true calling – defending the mighty Ancients through their talented prowess in battle.


Teams were locked, stocked, and ready to do gallant battle – as the hot seats of Fate Cyber Cafe were occupied with loads of local talent, all with the sole purpose of seizing victory etched upon their back.


The scene poured with battle-cries of the fallen, only to be resurrected even mightier than ever by the triumphant cheers of the crowd as the SMM National DotA Championship 2013 stamps its prominent mark in the world of DotA.




WINNERS CATEGORY: SMM National DotA Championship 2013: State Qualifiers – Tawau, Sabah.


  Champions: FCC


1.    Allen CJB” Chan
2.    Yi Fusion” Soong
3.    Yee “ImbaTT” Kia
4.    Chee “Summer” Haw
5.    Jin “Bee.Kim.Kx” Hiung

Prize Pool: RM 1, 200.00 Cash + Gold Medals + Team Qualification to the SMM Malaysia DotA Grand Finals 2013


  1st Runners-Up: INFINITY


1.    Aljon iNFIXChris5016X” Centino
2.    Dhei iNFIHelena” Bin Dusulan
3.    Mohd “iNFINazlyn” Faizal
4.    Shafizlei “iNFIKingSparta” Bin Suhaili
5.    Virall “iNFIPride” Jumawan Yohanis

Prize Pool: RM 800.00 Cash + Silver Medals + Team Qualification to the SMM Malaysia DotA Grand Finals 2013


  2nd Runners-Up: SAMSUNG

1.    Jack “SAMSUNG.282” Lim
2.    Chun “SAMSUNG.0000” Yang
3.    Chun “SAMSUNG.3948” Lik
4.    Jack SAMSUNG.8828” Kwang
5.    Vui “SAMSUNG” Jiun

Prize Pool: RM 500.00 Cash + Bronze Medals + Team Qualification to the SMM Malaysia DotA Grand Finals 2013



Tournament Bracket

Top 2

3rd – 4th





WINNERS CATEGORY: Counter-Strike Online: Deathmatch Meister – Showdown at Tawau, Sabah.


  Deathmatch Meister: Andiy WarZ” Hijriansyah


Prize Pool: RM 300 Cash + AWP Red (Perm) + All Weapon Set (30 Days) + Lucia (30 Days) + Enzo (30 Days)


  1st Runner Up: Muhammad “Ghostriderxx” Rahmat


Prize Pool: RM 200 Cash + Anaconda (Perm) + Sniper Set (30 Days) + Lucia (30 Days) + Enzo (30 Days)


  2nd Runner Up: Mohd XZOR” Amir


Prize Pool: RM 100 Cash + All Weapon Set (30 Days) + Lucia (30 Days) + Enzo (30 Days)


SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR VENUE SPONSOR: Fate Cyber Cafe (Address: 156000-1, 1st Floor, Jalan Kubota, Kubota Square, 91000, Tawau, Sabah.)



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The SMM National DotA Championship 2013: State Qualifiers

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