July 20, 2013 (Saturday)

[Tourney Overview] SMM National DotA Championship 2013: State Qualifiers – Kangar, Perlis.




The  National DotA Championship traverse into Kangar, Perlis for the 8th qualifier – as DotArians look to seal their spot into the Grand Finals!



20th-21st July 2013, KANGAR, PERLIS – To the fray of battle was the chant aloud as fellow Perlis compatriots assembled at Pusat Komputer Uone to attend the highly rated SMM National DotA Championship as full DotA galore took precedence throughout the weekend. Hosted along the up-streets of Jalan Bukit Lagi, the Perlis battle-ground formed the 9th qualifier of the tournament as the No.1 LAN game in Malaysia descends to the north-west of the country. With only RM 50 per team registration accompanied by specially designed DotA T-shirts, gamers toed the line to relish in the eSports trend – painting the scene with hues of green, black, and yellow DotA emblems as these premium tees were worn into battle. To add fuel to fire, the top 3 victors will also be granted full access to reign absolute at the soon to come – highly anticipated SMM Malaysia DotA Grand Finals 2013 with an even bigger pay load to prosper from, paling in significant comparison to the already lucrative cash incentives of over RM 45,000.00 garnered from all of SMM’s 18 state-qualifiers nationwide. As teams reached nearer and nearer to the finishing line, the clinical display of precise coordination, combos, and mind-games were prominently pivotal as the essence of DotA parlay formed the very plot to the current meta-game. At the end of the line stood Team “CPL” who represented the elven Sentinels in combat while Team “RDM” reared their glacial stares towards the tainted but powerful Scourge lords. Eliminating Puck, the Faerie Dragon in a heartbeat was “CPL.XYZ”, the Team captain of “CPL” as he banned the illusory-shifting mythical beast from the draft – known for being one of the most popular picks in the current DotA meta-game. Responding with fearsome valour was “RDM.DDDD” who responded with a ban for Anub’arak, the Nerubian Assassin – instantly discarding the Nerubian champion from being a potential threat later on. As the battle of wits between both team leaders came to a halt, avid viewers residing in Pusat Komputer Uone glimmered at the glimpse of Team CPL’s line-up which consist of a Shadow Demon, Stone Giant, Windrunner, Twin Head Dragon, and Lifestealer. However, Team “RDM” stood boldly – staring fearlessly into the eyes of their foes as they upheaval a line-up featuring the Ancient Apparition, Nerubian Weaver, Ogre Magi, Slithereen Guard, and Venomancer. The intensity of such a potent line-up attracted first-blood in the early embers of battle as the two-headed Aggron Stonebreaker, the Ogre Magi controlled by “RDM.NINJA” roasted Alleria, the Windrunner played by “CPL.UNDERARMOUR” with a fireblast spell. Sensing the turmoil of his laning-partner up top, Eredar, the Shadow Demon played by “CPL.UNDERWEAR” immediately purchased an Observer Ward to significantly reduce the element of ambush from the opposing forces. As Team “CPL” constantly pressured the north-west side of the map, a very sprightly Slardar, the Slithereen Guard played by “RDM.ASD” sprinted daringly towards the top tower to successfully deny it for the opponent team – negating any gold or loot for them to plunder. At the cornerstone of battle, Anub’seran, the Nerubian Weaver played by “RDM.DOTO” weaved through his foes while activating the divine weapon notoriously known as the “Radiance” – instantly burning to crisp all who opposes him in searing particles. Growing larger and larger by the minute, the level 16 Tiny, the Stone Giant played by “CPL.215.45.17” avalanched across the battle-field – tossing and turning his foes into blithering dust, notching for himself a killing-spree in the process. While the battle rages on, no one could contend the undead king of the jungle, as N’aix, the Lifestealer played by “CPL.XYZ” emerged from his lair during the final phases of the game, wielding with great prejudice a formidable inventory comprising of a Kelen’s Dagger, Lothar’s Edge, Stygian Desolator, Dagon Level 5, and Phase Boots. Trampling on the fields of his adversaries, the ghoulish menace wreaked havoc across the traverse – sealing the deal for Team “CPL” as he sank his noxious claws to garner a whopping 19 kills, 0 deaths, and 12 assist by the very end of the game. With such an action oriented finale relished for the taking here at Perlis, all eyes are now beset towards Tawau, Sabah as the next DotA battle-ground unbolts itself at the translucent gates of Fate Cyber Cafe on the 27th of July 2013.


Pusat Komputer Uone was the prominent battle-ground of choice as DotArians flayed their heart and soul into victory.


While team-work was the essence of play, individual skill also played a crucial part in ensuring the success in between each group scuffle.


Teams competed amongst one another with ultimate grit and resilience as they forged their very own path and destiny towards the SMM Malaysia DotA Grand Finals 2013.


The art of combat is displayed in full view as team captains commanded their allies through sheer leadership, chemistry, and cooperation.




WINNERS CATEGORY: SMM National DotA Championship 2013: State Qualifiers – Kangar, Perlis.


  Champions: CPL


1.    Shen “CPL” Jee
2.    Jin “CPL” Cheng
3.    Cheng “CPL” Hou
4.    Yih “CPL” Han
5.    Will “CPL” Chun

Prize Pool: RM 1, 200.00 Cash + Gold Medals + Team Qualification to the SMM Malaysia DotA Grand Finals 2013


  1st Runners-Up: RDM


1.    Saiful “suzy” Hadi Zainuddin
2.    Abdullah “budak.kuat” Bin Adnan
3.    Shun “ABG.nakal” Chao
4.    Muhammad “budak.nakalZ95” Fayyadh
5.    Aiman “abAng.s3mpOi” Irfan

Prize Pool: RM 800.00 Cash + Silver Medals + Team Qualification to the SMM Malaysia DotA Grand Finals 2013


  2nd Runners-Up: JUST FOR FUN

1.    Essy JUST.FOR.FUN” Yusri
2.    Mohd “JUST.FOR.FUN” Rusadee
3.    Muhd. “JUST.FOR.FUN” Abu Luthfi
4.    Mohd “JUST.FOR.FUN” Amir
5.    Muhammad “JUST.FOR.FUN” Affan

Prize Pool: RM 500.00 Cash + Bronze Medals + Team Qualification to the SMM Malaysia DotA Grand Finals 2013



Tournament Bracket

Top 2

3rd – 4th

CPL wins RDM




WINNERS CATEGORY: Counter-Strike Online: Deathmatch Meister – Showdown at Kangar, Perlis.


  Deathmatch Meister: Ahmad “XiaokenzAi” Ridzuan


Prize Pool: RM 300 Cash + AWP Red (Perm) + All Weapon Set (30 Days) + Lucia (30 Days) + Enzo (30 Days)


  1st Runner Up: Mohd “POLCAdot11Doxy” Hafiz


Prize Pool: RM 200 Cash + Anaconda (Perm) + Sniper Set (30 Days) + Lucia (30 Days) + Enzo (30 Days)


  2nd Runner Up: Mohd “Shiiina” Amir


Prize Pool: RM 100 Cash + All Weapon Set (30 Days) + Lucia (30 Days) + Enzo (30 Days)


SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR VENUE SPONSOR: Pusat Komputer Uone @ Kangar, Perlis. (Address: 7, Lorong Meranti, Jalan Bukit Lagi, Kangar, 01000 Perlis.)



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The SMM National DotA Championship 2013: State Qualifiers

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