July 06, 2013 (Saturday)

[Tourney Overview] SMM National DotA Championship 2013: State Qualifiers – Kuantan, Pahang.




The  National DotA Championship arrives to Kuantan, Pahang with triumphant flair – paving its way into the city in search of prodigious DotA talent! 



6th-7th July 2013, KUANTAN, PAHANG – Lucky number 7 was the cue on demand as DotArians heeded their call to attend the seventh SMM National DotA Championship 2013’ State Qualifier along the bustling road of Air Putih. The tournament locale radiated with a flurry of eSports activities as DotArians arrived to the scene with one mission whetted in stone – to seize the golden chance of prestigiously qualifying into the SMM Malaysia DotA Grand Finals 2013, as the No.1 LAN game in Malaysia arrives to town. With a registration fee of only RM 50 per team, players were gleefully rewarded with a specially designed DotA T-shirt each, accompanied by a total prize-pool of RM 2, 500.00 for cash bounty. Fresh from the oven was another revered map balance released by IceFrog – thrusting the latest DotA version 6.78c into the spotlight where the avid eagerness of professional teams reconnoitring on this map was at the top of their list. So begins a myriad of creep plundering and hero hammering as the Sentinels face-off against the onslaught of their Scourge nemesis in a weekend filled with pure DotA delight. With fans applauding each and every skirmish, the dye was cast in great spectacle as the final match between Team “QHAMMER 1” and Team “TL” played out in spectacular fashion as these two heavy weights clash head to head for the sole title of champion. On the south-west frontier of the map boasted the formidable Sentinel side featuring a “Shadow Demon, Faerie Dragon, Admiral, Slayer, and Queen of Pain” while the north-east region of the great divide crept the Scourge army – summoning to their aid a “Nerubian Weaver, Dragon Knight, Silencer, Windrunner, and Crystal Maiden”. All it took was 16 seconds for Knight Davion, the Dragon Knight played by “TL_JY” to pacify his innate dragon-born instinct as he spewed scorching fire towards the bearing of an unsuspecting Eredar, the Shadow Demon played by “QHAMMER.CL” – looting a nifty 209 gold in the process. However, sweet victory was only shortly lived as Lina Inverse, the Slayer played by “QHAMMER.KEN” retorted back – unleashing an intense fiery spell of her own potent-making to fatally mute Nortrom, the Silencer played by “TL_AZ”. At top lane, all eyes were on Anub’seran, the Nerubian Weaver played by “TL_JIANXD” as the creepy-crawly creature knitted a mega kill with the noble and icy assist from Rylai Crestfall, the Crystal Maiden played by “TL_F!SH”. As middle-game beckons, Puck, the Faerie Dragon played by “QHAMMER.TAUFU” rose to the occasion to turn the tide of battle into his teams favour as he orbited and phase shifted with tactical steer, clinching two important kills and a tower in the midst of battle. A wary Alleria, the Windrunner played by “TL_AE2088” stood in her stride to defend the middle-lane, but the lethal succubus in black Akasha, the Queen of Pain played by “QHAMMER.WW” emitted a wind-shattering scream during the crucial moments of combat, eliminating all oppressors through its massive wave-length. With the Scourges army fully wiped out, Team “QHAMMER” marched onward to claim the middle barracks on the 26 minute mark. Despite the heroics of Team “TL” to fervently defend their Frozen Throne, the inevitable might of the Sentinel’s prevailing combo proved too deadly for contest as Puck, the Faerie Dragon leaded the team north-east to victory, wielding with great regard a Level 4 Dagon, Kelen’s Dagger, Phase Boots, Magic Wand, Magical Bottle, and Scroll of Town Portal. Despite Team TL’s noble defeat in the finals here at Kuantan, Pahang – all eyes will remain glued on them as the top 3 winners proceed to face a more robust battle ahead at the highly sought-after SMM Malaysia DotA Grand Finals 2013. With the debris done and dusted, we now shift gear to one of the hottest locales in our State Qualifier as Gamers Paradise Computer Centre plays gallant host in the next SMM National DotA Championship at Batu Pahat, Johor on the 13th of July 2013.


The SMM National DotA Championship 2013 arrives vagrantly to Wildfire Cyber Cafe – as the avenue for combat is hurled into gratifying contest.


Team “LEGEND OF CHAOS” were all smiles as they exhibited their specially designed, free DotA T-shirts – exclusively sponsored by Sendi Mutiara Multimedia to the gamers.


DotA version 6.78c felt just like home as the players fluidly unveiled their ingenious stratagems onto the battlefield – catching their unsuspecting foes off-guarded in the process.


A teeth-clenching battle unfolds at Wildfire Cyber Cafe as the top 3 spot lies famished for the taking, with victors looking to safeguard it at all cost – fortifying their path towards the highly acclaimed SMM Malaysia DotA Grand Finals 2013.




WINNERS CATEGORY: SMM National DotA Championship 2013: State Qualifiers – Kuantan, Pahang.


  Champions: QHAMMER 1


1.    Tak “QHaMMeR.CL” Hon
2.    Jian QHammeR.KEN” Wei
3.    Yean “QHaMMeR.WW” Seong
4.    Soon “QHaMMeR.Taufu” Chuan
5.    Meng “QHaMMeR” Chuan

Prize Pool: RM 1, 200.00 Cash + Gold Medals + Team Qualification to the SMM Malaysia DotA Grand Finals 2013


  1st Runners-Up: TL


1.    Yong “Fish” Sheng
2.    Jia “JY” Kuang
3.    Ziy “JianVD” Jian
4.    Kah “AZ” Jung
5.    Hoong “AE2088” Piow

Prize Pool: RM 800.00 Cash + Silver Medals + Team Qualification to the SMM Malaysia DotA Grand Finals 2013


  2nd Runners-Up: NUTZ

1.    Ryan “Sea.BaByMiLo” Tan
2.    Muhammad “zNco3” Nazrin
3.    Zhi “ThisIsDotAMeh?” Jian
4.    Wilson “CAT MEOWMEOW CAT” Leow
5.    Lid “iMusica” Jien

Prize Pool: RM 500.00 Cash + Bronze Medals + Team Qualification to the SMM Malaysia DotA Grand Finals 2013



Tournament Bracket

Top 2
TL wins LOC

3rd – 4th





WINNERS CATEGORY: Counter-Strike Online: Deathmatch Meister – Showdown at Kuantan, Pahang.


  Deathmatch Meister: Mohd “NoOrHafiZa” Hamdan


Prize Pool: RM 300 Cash + AWP Red (Perm) + All Weapon Set (30 Days) + Lucia (30 Days) + Enzo (30 Days)


  1st Runner Up: Zauaria “COMMANDO 69” Bin Azizan


Prize Pool: RM 200 Cash + Anaconda (Perm) + Sniper Set (30 Days) + Lucia (30 Days) + Enzo (30 Days)


  2nd Runner Up: Izuansyariman “Th3mpty” Bin Muhammad


Prize Pool: RM 100 Cash + All Weapon Set (30 Days) + Lucia (30 Days) + Enzo (30 Days)


SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR VENUE SPONSOR: Wildfire Cyber Cafe @ Kuantan, Pahang. (Address: B1546, Tingkat Atas, Air Putih, Kuantan, 25300 Pahang.)



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The SMM National DotA Championship 2013: State Qualifiers

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