November 30, 2011 (Wednesday)

[Tourney Update] Event Highlights at the SMM Tournaments 2011' Grand Finals






The March for Continental Conquest is Upon Us!


Do not miss out on all the action unfolding here at the SMM Tournaments 2011' Grand Finals happening this coming weekend at Mid Valley Megamall on the 2nd till 4th of December 2011. Witness first-hand as the SMM Grand National DotA Tournament: Grand Finals 2011' takes centre stage along with the One Asia Cup: Grand Finals 2011' for FIFA Online 2 & Counter-Strike Online – all happening LIVE!


A Clash amongst Fiercest Rivals at the World Premier DotA Tournament!

The DotA community shall once again claim witness to revel on an earth-shattering rampage held in the mesmerizing threshold of Mid Valley Megamall, as DotArians from far and wide – picked with vigilance to carry the weight of multiple worlds, gather within an aggressive stance to foray their thunderous talent and skill-defying-abilities  in a tightly contested make and break match-up – further triggering upon invitation, the impending wrath and divine intervention of virtuoso international teams wishing to heroically challenge the home-soil warriors in the epic battlefield – dubbed as the SMM Grand National DotA Tournament: Grand Finals 2011’.

A Barrage of Heavens Bounty!

The tip of the iceberg has melted – forming an Atlantis of prosperity, power, and the chance to engrave their namesake into the DotA halls of fame to herald a new beginning as the newly chosen DotA Gods. With over RM 116, 000.00 in cold-hard cash to be won, obtained and conquered here for DotA – the SMM Grand National DotA Tournament 2011’ now stands uncontested yet again, bestowed with profound generosity by our honourable President & CEO of Sendi Mutiara Multimedia, Dato’ Dr. Ricky Lim Mok Guan – who seeks to crown the next predecessor for the mighty SMM throne, knowing full well that these chosen DotArians will proudly uphold the undisputed colossal Challenge Hammer gallantly – no matter the cost!


Sublime Accuracy & Marksmanship at Vintage Point!

A nationwide sweep of freedom-fighters has surfaces from coast to coast as Counter-Strike Online players take to arms to partake in the One Asia Cup: Grand Finals 2011’ where a regional talent search has produced amazing results – obtaining none-other than the finest virtual sharpshooters in the country – creating a testament to all that the King of FPS glory is indeed back alive and kicking to claim its rightful throne once again! With a total of over RM 18, 000.00 cash bounty placed on the top 3 teams – the rise to clinch the hot-seat is now on an all new high – as soldiers of fortune sink themselves into perfect equilibrium.


The Asian World-Cup of Virtual Football Celebrates to the Skies!

Expect tons of euphoric excitement as the crowd goes wild to usher the highly anticipated FIFA Online 2 – One Asia Cup: Grand Finals 2011’ commencing right here on centre stage – bringing to life all the joyous moments from the brink of the virtual football pitch. Joining us on the virtual field are exceptional gamers that shines ever so brightly in their silky smooth skills – proudly representing their home country from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Let us all embrace and unite as one as we welcome the One Asia Cup: to Malaysia!


The Rebirth & Re-launch of Dragonica Online (Chinese Server) Has Arrived!

Time to take a trip down the isle of Drakos Tower and indulge your character once again in our Dragonica SEA, Chinese servers – reliving the rich and luscious world of Dragonica Online. It brings us great pleasure to announce that Dragonica SEA (EN & CN) has now become part and parcel of Sendi Mutiara Multimedia’s (SMM) impressive flagship title as we acquire the digital rights to maintain, publish and uphold the Dragonica SEA, English & Chinese servers. To further spur this momentous occasion, we will be having an exclusive rebirth and re-launch of Dragonica SEA (CN) at the Malaysia International Game Show 2011’ (MIGS). So be very prepared to leave ample-handed as we gear up to shower all you Dragonians with fun and amazing activities, promotions, and lucky draw sessions as our token of appreciation here at Mid Valley Megamall – exclusively for all Dragonica and MMORPG fans out there.






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