October 17, 2011 (Monday)

[Tourney Update] It's the original DotA at the 2011' SMM Grand National Finals!




By Popular Demand, The Original DotA Is In – 2011’ SMM Grand Finals!



Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – October 17, 2011 – Great news to all DotArians! Throughout the week, we at Sendi Mutiara Multimedia (SMM) have been working very hard around the clock to read and understand all of your passionate feedbacks and comments garnered from all the eSports communities around the world. We at SMM truly feel that immediate changes are needed to be made to accommodate and fulfil our respected players and viewers choices. We would like to urge that under no circumstance will SMM opt to hamper your enjoyability and excitement from our tournaments – which we have always put up in good faith and with paramount importance for our cherished players and viewers. Likewise, your concern is our concern as our primary agenda to all players and viewers is for them to fully experience and relive a refreshing eSports atmosphere that orchestrates a competitive and high-calibre gameplay at our Grand Finals. Therefore, we at SMM would like to extend our utmost appreciation and gratitude to the DotA gaming community – for being extremely passionate, patient, and sincere about our SMM Grand National DotA Tournament: Grand Finals 2011’ (SGNDT 2011’) and thus – we would like to announce that we will be using the original DotA as the iconic game to be fully featured at the 2011’ SMM Grand Finals – an original flagship creation that all players and viewers has since grown to revere, love, familiarised, and adapt.

SMM’s President & CEO, Dato’ Dr. Ricky Lim, known by the gaming community as a gamers person whose heart is always with the players behind the original DotA would like to extend his well-wishes by saying, “It is the players, the gamers, the DotArians, and the gaming community who decides what’s best for SMM and not the other way around. We at SMM have always prioritized our players and viewers with utmost sincerity and we will continue to do so to with open arms. It is thanks to the global support of the players and viewers that will ultimately make the Grand Finals a huge success and a phenomenal platform to the wellbeing of the eSports industry. Therefore, I am extremely glad to fulfil the heartfelt requests and respective petitions made by the gamers community as they have always supported SMM throughout the years and we are more than honoured to do so in return”.

SMM would like to convey our sincere tribute to IceFrog for upholding and constantly maintaining the original DotA with utmost stability by giving his endless devotion to all DotArians that are constantly honing their skills on an already proven eSports worthy title – paving way for the colossal impact and subsequent return of the original DotA at the 2011’ SMM Grand Finals. We at SMM would also like to dispel some talks in the forums by confirming that in no way did Valve offer SMM any form of monetary sponsorship and/or incentives to utilize Dota 2 and that the decision for the switch was done solely on a tournament-request basis.

With this decision for the original DotA in placed by popular demand, SMM is very keen to witness the players and viewers from all around the world reeling with delight to experience the original DotA in all its full glory once again – orchestrated from all fronts to deliver the pinnacle and highest competitive eSports level here in Malaysia at the 2011’ SMM Grand Finals. With everything accomplished thus far, SMM would like to let the gaming communities know that nothing is set in stone until you, the gamers say so! SMM hears you out and we will always be attentive and responsive to the variable request, desires, and trends you have to seek your best course of satisfaction at all times. Happy gaming and see you all at the 2011’ SMM Grand Finals happening at Mid Valley Megamall on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of December 2011’!



Avid Sponsors for the 2011’ SMM Grand National Finals


Sendi Mutiara Multimedia (SMM) is proud to announce our esteemed sponsorship collaboration with top global LCD & Monitor principle manufacturer AOC (Art of Colours) as the Official Sponsor for the SMM Grand National DotA Tournament: Grand Finals 2011’ (SGNDT 2011) – bringing to life rich visual experience and excitement, powered by AOC’s vivid displays, vibrant aesthetics, and exquisite art of colours. Equipped with a very strong and comprehensive product platform, production strength and scaled operations, AOC offers not just technology, but also a unique lifestyle feeling. With long-term dedicated research and development, AOC today offers a wide range of top performing CRT & LCD monitors and LCD TVs, bringing a green, ergonomic, and entertaining life experience to viewers.


Sendi Mutiara Multimedia (SMM) is extremely pleased to have Intel once again as the Official Hardware Processor for the SMM Grand National DotA Tournament: Grand Finals 2011’ (SGNDT 2011) – as Intel paves a way to establish the Intel Core i7 as the primary gaming processor that users will instantly acknowledge and choose when seeking the best possible solution and experience for their gaming needs. Intel, the world’s largest semiconductor chip maker specializes in leading-edge products from processors, motherboards, chipsets, desktop, note-books and many more. Intel raises the bar on innovation and excellence in the industry by offering the latest technologies designed for home, business, and professional users. Intel leads the way in cutting-edge research and technology and attracts the most brilliant minds in science to push the boundaries of innovation and further Intel’s position as the world's leader in semiconductor technology.


Sendi Mutiara Multimedia (SMM) is very ecstatic to welcome Razer as the Official Professional Gaming Gear Sponsor for the SMM Grand National DotA Tournament: Grand Finals 2011’ (SGNDT 2011) – bringing gamers an exceptional gaming brand which users instantly recognize and adopt for a solid gaming experience and enhanced skillset performances. Engineered to near perfection, Razer’s reputation of being the leader in gaming peripheral technology is embodied in every single Razer product. Razer collaborates with gamers to develop, manufacture and market cutting-edge gaming peripherals utilizing proprietary technologies that reinvents the computer gaming industry by bringing this competitive edge to gamers when professional computer gaming was in its infancy. Razer products have earned critical praise and won multiple awards from around the world for their precision, sensitivity, usability and distinctions in product design.





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