May 24, 2011 (Tuesday)

[Featured Tournament] SMM Grand National DotA Tournament 2011: Grand Finals




The SMM DotA Grand Finals of 2011 intensifies the spoils of battle yet again with heaps of extra loot for all to plunder!



This year, the heavens bounty will barrage down in flailing masses to quench the thirst laid destined by fellow DotArians – as they ache profusely to put fire into ignition, lighting up their path to fame, richness, and glory as the SMM Grand National DotA Tournament 2011: Grand Finals ferries you closer and closer to embrace this benign mission while filling your coin purses in satisfying proportions.

Paving a transient path upon the homeland of Malaysia and into the hearts of many, the Sendi Mutiara Multimedia Grand Finals offers the perfect battle-ground regime where cream of the crop players from all across the continent disburse their innate abilities, virtuoso skills, and hidden stratagems learned thus far onto the frays of flamboyant combat – with the avid victors rising from the rubble, and laying to rest the final say between the dominating war-torn prowess and provincial superiority of East DotA vs. West DotA.

As our brave warriors of ‘Wilayah Malaysia’ rally their forces throughout all local states across the peninsular – combating all oppressors along the way for a spot into the highly acclaimed Grand Finals, it looked almost certain that this blood bath is only the first of many beginnings as they must later let bygones be bygones and unite as one – for the impending presence of international contender’s looms in the jilted air with the sweet smell of blood-lust.

And so, the skirmish has been set ablaze yet again, bringing forth an epic showdown amongst titans as the cycle for conquest continues – at the SMM Grand National DotA Tournament 2011: Grand Finals.



EVENT: SMM Grand National DotA Tournament 2011: Grand Finals

GAME: WarCraft III: Defense of the Ancients (DotA)

MATCH-UP: 5 versus 5

DATE: December 2nd, 3rd & 4th 2011






i) The Sendi Mutiara Multimedia Grand National DotA Tournament 2011: Grand Finals is open to Teams who have qualified from our State Qualifiers, along with International Participants chosen via legit registration and process by SMM.

International Teams (Europe, U.S, and Asia) who are interested in joining the SGNDT 2011: Grand Finals can follow the above registration method to apply. International Teams that apply will be shortlisted and seeded through into the Grand Finals. No registration fees will be required. Terms & Conditions apply.

iii) By participating in this tournament, participants fully and unconditionally agree to accept and to be bound by the aforesaid terms and conditions of the tournament and the decision of SMM, which is final. SMM reserves the rights to amend, change or rectify the following rules & regulations without prior notice.



Grand Final Prizes

Champion: RM 55,000 Cash + Challenge Trophy + Gold Medal + x5 Razer Imperator Gaming Mouse + x5 Goliathus Extended Gaming Mouse Pad + x5 Razer Messenger Bag + x5 Razer Drinking Bottle + x5 Razer T-Shirt + x5 Razer Beanie

1st Runner Up: RM 25,000 Cash + Silver Medal + x5 Razer DeathAdder Gaming Mouse + x5 Goliathus Alpha Gaming Mouse Mat + x5 Razer Messenger Bag + x5 Razer Drinking Bottle

2nd Runner Up: RM 16,000 Cash + Bronze Medal + x5 Razer Abyssus Gaming Mouse + x5 Goliathus Omega Mouse Pad + x5 Razer Messenger Bag + x5 Razer Drinking Bottle

4th Place: RM   10,000 Cash + x5 Razer Abyssus Gaming Mouse

5th Place: RM   4,000 Cash + x5 Razer Drinking Bottle

6th Place: RM   3,000 Cash + x5 Razer Drinking Bottle

7th Place: RM   2,000 Cash + x5 Razer Drinking Bottle

8th Place: RM   1,500 Cash + x5 Razer Drinking Bottle


SGNDT 2011: Grand Finals F.A.Q (Frequently-Asked-Questions)

01# Q: I do not know the way to Mid Valley Megamall.
A: The Map location to Mid Valley can be obtained from HERE.


02# Q: Will lodging, hotel bookings, and transportation be provided by SMM?
A: No. Participants will need to personally book their hotels & transportation on individual accounts.


03# Q: Are there any hotels nearby Mid Valley Megamall?
A: A recommended list for hotels based on closest proximity with the tournament venue is given as below. For other budget hotel options, it is recommended that you do a survey first of other hotels nearest to respected location based on your preferences before deciding.

i) The Gardens Hotel
(Contact Number: 603-2268 1188 | Website:

ii) Cititel Mid Valley
(Contact Number: 603-2296 1111 | Website:

iii) Boulevard Hotel
(Contact Number: 603-2295 8111 | Website:

iv) Pearl International Hotel
(Contact Number: 603-7983 1111 | Website:

04# Q: How do I qualify my team for the Grand Finals?
A: Only those that earned a place as the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th from each SGNDT 2011 state-qualifier or through automated seeding (including International Participants) can proceed into the Grand Finals.

05# Q: Can the public/non-participants watch this event and will there be any entrance fees?
A: The public is more than welcome to watch and support this tournament and is certainly encouraged to do so. There will be NO entrance fees or invitational charges to enter the SMM Grand National DotA Tournament 2011: Grand Finals. All DotA lovers, friends, and supporters are fully welcomed by SMM!

06# Q: Will international participants be present at SGNDT 2011’?
A: Yes. International Teams are to be shortlisted & seeded into the Grand Finals.


07# Q: What is the Official DotA Map Version for the Tournament?
A: The Official DotA Map Version for a tournament can be viewed in the DotA Rules & Regulations section. Please bear in mind that a future stable DotA Map Version will be used as see fit as the Official DotA Map for the tournament. Kindly take note that SMM reserves the rights to change the DotA Map Version without prior notice.


08# Q: How do I contact the in-charged person for inquires and/or further details for SGNDT 2011: Grand Finals?
A: You may dial our SMM Hotline at (+03) 21423022 during working hours (10:00 am - 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday, and 10:00am - 1:00pm, Saturday) or reach directly to our SGNDT 2011' e-mail at






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