April 19, 2010 (Monday)

[Tourney Update] StarCraft II Intel Gaming Party R&R




StarCraft II | Intel Gaming Party R&R

- Registration for the 40 slots will be on a first come first serve format.
- Preliminaries, Ro32, Ro 16, Ro8 will be in Bo3.
-Semi and Final will be in Bo5
- Maps: 1set: Metalopolis 2set: Scrap Station 3set: Xel'Naga Caverns
- Default speed will be 'Very Fast' (guessing faster)
- Player must use the race they register with
- The finals will be the same way except both players picks 1 map they want excluded from the pool.

- You must be at least 12 years old.
- You must have your own account?
- You must fill out the registration form.
- You must be able to participate in the time that has been set.

In-Game Regulations

- Every game will be played in "StarCraft II - Wings of Liberty Age 12+".
- Every game will be played on the latest version on that day.
- The format will be single elimination.
- The finals will be the same way except both players picks 1 map they want excluded from the pool.
- The official maps are: Blistering Sands, Desert Oasis, Scrap Station, Steppes of War, Xel'Naga Caverns, Kulas Ravine, Lost Temple, Metalopolis, and Delta Quadrant.
- You must play with the race you registered with (Terran, Protoss, Zerg, Random).
- Every player must disable notifications in the options.
- Every player must set themselves as busy.
- Every player must use full screen.
- Every player must put the texture quality on high. (If the PC can support it)
- Other graphic options are up to the players.
- The observer will start the game, the players must notify the observer when they are ready to begin.
- Players must type "gg" when surrendering the game.
- Players are not allowed to use bugs or commit any misconduct.
- Every player must arrive at the location 15 minutes prior to the game.
- Every player gets 15 minutes to set up.

Disqualification and Rematch
- If an emergency occurs, the game is first paused.
- If a player thinks that the game must be paused, he will inform the referee.
- The player can request a pause under these conditions.
1. Equipment failure.
2. An in-game bug that affects the game.
3. When you can hear the sound outside of the booth due to sound issues.
4. If the player finds an issue that may affect the game.
- If a game is paused due to the above reasons, the game will be resumed after the issue is resolved at the discretion of the referee.
- A new game will be played under these conditions.
1. Power/Network issues.
2. Computer error.
3. An unintentional or unknown bug in the game.
4. When a member of the audience enters the booth or does something that makes the game unable to be continued.
5. When it is no longer possible to determine the winner and the loser.
6. If a game stops due to an emergency.
7. If the referee decides that the game was over, even under the above conditions, the game will be considered as if it ended and the winner will be decided.
- Even if the observers drop, if the players are still in, the game will be continued.
- A rematch will be pushed to the last game of that day so that the players can take time to refocus.
- The referee can make decisions according to the situation.

By participating in this tournament, participants fully and unconditionally agree to accept and to be bound by the aforesaid terms and conditions of the tournament and the decision of SMM, which is final.





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