January 24, 2011 (Monday)

[Featured Event] Nationwide CSO Carnival Roadshow 2011




The King of FPS action is back – ferrying a nationwide CSO Carnival Roadshow  across  Malaysia!



A shout-out to all Counter-Strike Online fans out there, bookmark this space right now – for an enormous nationwide sweep of your favourite First-Person-Shooter is set to commence very shortly, as Sendi Mutiara Multimedia brings forth the biggest and finest CSO Carnival Roadshow of 2011’ at your gaming doorstep. Are you ready for some sublime action with amazing freebies & giveaways? Then buckle up those Kevlar gears of war this instant – as we grant you a CSO nationwide-tour in all its first-person glory hailing at all your most-wanted Cyber Cafés here in Malaysia! Stay glued to us as we pamper you with all the juiciest of updates very soon! The King of FPS is back in action, bigger and better than ever!


Counter-Strike Online (CSO) represents the return of the popular Local Area Network (LAN) game which was played feverishly at LAN Shops in the past as a cult favourite. Despite its transformation to an online game, it is packed with vast varieties of remakes with the original game state intact. CSO is a tactical first-person shooter online game that pits a team of counter-terrorists against a team of terrorists in a series of rounds. Each round is won by either completing the mission objective or eliminating the opposing force; modes differ, however the goal is always the same. CSO is a free-to-play game which uses a micro transaction payment model and an in-game point system that users can use to purchase items.



  • Persistent Character Mechanics – A new addition to the title is the ability to level up characters, players will experience the sense of progression and persistency. As characters gain experience points, they will level up and gain level-based rewards accordingly; this ties into the ranking system which rewards players with visual and named ranks.
  • Cash Shop – Players will have access to a wider range of weapons, equipment, character skins and items boosts with in-game purchases using either game points or cash points.
  • New Weapons – CSO will feature a bevy of new weapons as well as existing weapons as well as re-imagined existing weapons; colour, subtle design changes and sound will be part of the changes.
  • New Character Skins – Not to be confined to the classic skins, CSO will feature new Male and Female characters.
  • New and Classic Maps – Together with the tried and tested maps, never-seen-before maps will gradually be released. A total of close to 100 maps will be available to players.
  • Clan System – The clan system allows the player to create or join a clan. With the competitive element slated as being the main drive for CSO, this feature is expected to play a pivotal role in this area.
  • New Modes – Besides the original modes, CSO will include new additions such as Zombie Mode. More modes will be announced as the title progresses.
  • In-Game Events – Consistent in-game events will be held throughout the year to further bolster the content support for players; rewards such as weapons and equipment will be given to players who succeed at events.


CSO F.A.Q (Frequently-Asked-Questions)

01# Q: What is CSO?

A: CSO stands as an acronym for Counter-Strike Online, developed by Valve & Nexon.


02# Q: Do I need to pay in order to play CSO?

A: No, as it is a free-to-play online game.


03# Q: Does it require STEAM server to go online for CSO?

A: No, CSO has its own independent server in the SEA region for smooth gameplay.

04# Q: How do I apply for the OBT for CSO?

A: For further information on OBT, you can logon to

05# Q: Are there any changes made for CSO, as compared to CS ver.1.6?

A: There aren’t any major changes on the gameplay as it is the same engine used in CS 1.6. However there are loads of additional features i.e. weapons, skins, equipment etc. in CSO.


06# Q: I don’t have any idea on how to get an IAHgames passport. Any advice?

A: You can sign up an IAHgames account at:


07# Q: What are CSO game points?

A: The CSO game points are points which you earned after finishing on either matches modes available within the game itself.


08# Q: I can’t use certain weapons which are available in CS 1.6 i.e. AWP, why is that?

A: In order to utilize certain weapons, you will need to purchase them from the Cash Shop.






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