LAN Events

Thank you for your interest in using SMM's software at your multiplayer-gaming event. To provide a legally compliant way for running events that include SMM games, such as weekend LAN tournaments, we have established the Tournament License program.

Not all Multiplayer Events require a Tournament License; please read on to determine whether your event requires a License:

The basic license that is provided with the retail version of our software allows for personal and private use only. In order to operate any of our titles for profit, you must purchase a commercial exploitation license. Once there is any kind of profit involved in proceedings, a participation charge will be applied to the operation of one of our software titles, whether for time accumulated on the game, time accumulated on a computer, a club membership, a door charge, a tournament fee, or anything of this likely nature involving our software, will require a commercial exploitation license.


Tournament License NOT REQUIRED for the following:

Tournaments/events that do not charge for participation do not require the purchase of a tournament license. All that is required is a legitimate copy of each game to be installed and featured on each computer with an official SMM outlet approval. If charges are collected for your tournament/event, and is used solely to cover the rental costs for the site and computer usage – and the tournament/event is not being organized as a profit-making endeavor – then a tournament license is not required. As with free tournaments/events, it is obligatory that a legitimate copy of each SMM game be featured and installed on each computer.


Tournament License REQUIRED for the following:

If charges are collected for your tournament/event, and those charges are used not only to cover the costs of the event (rental charges, computer rentals, etc), but also to pay for staff, prizes, awards, Internet connectivity, designing and printing of marketing materials, etc., then a tournament license is required. In addition to the tournament license, it is obligatory that a legitimate copy of each SMM game be featured and installed on each computer.

If you have decided that you require a tournament license, please contact us for more information.

Please note that this program is for multiplayer-gaming events held in MALAYSIA only. If your event is held outside of MALAYSIA, please refer to the appropriate international contacts available for additional information.



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